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    About Aavid

    Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation is the largest provider of thermal management solutions and engineering services in the world. For decades, Aavid has consistently brought the most innovative cooling technologies to market while also improving the efficiency and availability of traditional thermal management solutions. With hundreds of engineers in design and manufacturing facilities across the globe, our experience and expertise combined with our dedication to unique problem solving, allows us to meet the most demanding requirements and resolve any thermal challenge. bisco industries is an authorized Aavid distributor. Search or browse Aavid heat sinks now!

  • KL75-1G Vertical Heat Sink

    Aavid's KL75-1G heat sink features a vertical mounting style with an overall height of 27.94 inches and a length of 75 inches. The KL75-1G heat sink offers a thermal resistance of 4.30 and is RoHS compliant. Click now to view pricing and availability.

    101700F00000G Silcone-Free Thermal Grease

    Aavid's 101700F00000G silcone-free thermal grease is a synthetic specifically formulated to enhance heat transfer without the contamination associated with silicone-based products. The 101700F00000G thermal grease is packaged in 1.5 oz (43 gram) syringes. Click to request pricing.

    627251F00000 Raw Bar Extruded Heat Sink

    Aavid Thermalloy's 627251F00000 heat sink bars are extruded from raw aluminum alloy. 627251F00000 heat sink bars are 9.25 feet in length and offer a national convetcion of 0.72 based on a 70 C temp rise above ambient. Click to request pricing.

    321527B00000G Board Level Heat Sink

    Aavid's 321527B00000G heat sink assembly features a two piece cicular design with tapped mounting holes for retention. The assembly is mounted vertically resulting in a height of 12.70 inches. In addition, the 321527B00000G heat sink offers a thermal resistance of 35.20 and is RoHS compliant. Click now to view pricing and availability.

  • Introduction to Aavid Thermalloy

    Introduction to Aavid Thermalloy

    Aavid Thermalloy is the premier provider of thermal management solutions in the world. Aavid heat sinks and thermal management solutions are found in all kinds of electronic devices from medical equipment to consumer electronics. Aavid also has a global network of design centers to assist users in selecting standard products and designing custom solutions.

    Aavid High Thermal Conductivity Interface Material

    Aavid Thermalloy's thermally conductive interface material conducts heat to heat sinks by filling irregular gaps between PCB components and heat sinks. The extreme conductivity of Aavid's interface materials increases the ammount of heat dispated by the heat sink allowing for increased power output and smaller heat sink sizes.

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